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chris_ayres's Journal

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Welcome to the Chris Ayres Community!

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Chris has been a professional actor for 34 years, as well as a professional fight director. He has also worked as a voice actor for the past two years for ADV Films and has recently begun working with FUNimation Inc.

Notable roles include: Kei Kourno in Gantz, Nakamaru in Maburaho, Usef Ali Mesa in Yugo the Negotiator, Murato in Hakugei The Legend of Moby Dick, Hayashimizu in Full Metal Panic, Yaminami in Peacemaker and Koji in Godanner. He can currently be heard as Chouji Suitengu in the FUNimation release Speed Grapher.

Chris is currently busy directing Nerima Daikon Brothers for ADV Films, while at the same time finding time to attend Cons and meet his fans and catch up with friends.

When not lending his voice to a multitude of characters [often the villan!], Chris can also be found working in theater in Houston, TX.

Chris can usually be spotted sporting a Hawaiian shirt of some sort, however, do not attempt to come between him and his giant Sippy Cup of Doom, which is always filled with Coke. Doing so may result in bodily harm...or a giant hug. The jury's still out on that one. :-)